by Hazeldean

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Recorded over the course of a month during Summer 2016 in a flooded basement in Edmonton


released May 13, 2017

Music & Arrangement: Hazeldean
Lyrics: Mat Hollington
Produced & Mixed by: Blair Drover
Mastered by: Stu McKillop @ Rain City Recorders Vancouver, BC
Guitars: Jeff Dodge & Marc Rondeau
Bass: Jamie Reinhart
Drums: Mat Hollington
Vocals: Josh Perry
Aux Percussion: Blair Drover & Mat Hollington
Delay Tech: Ryan Mick
Background Vox: The Boys



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Hazeldean Edmonton, Alberta

We're four guys that play loud music.

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Track Name: DBC
Morning caffeine by sunlit windows
Makes me warm from my head to my toes
I think of tonight when we'll all go too far
Hours later we'll climb the steps
The walls are lined with our accomplishments
There's a plaque on the wall behind the bar
And it reads
"Most wasted girls
The drunkest boys"
We'll always be attracted to the loudest noise
Excuse me sir I've spilled your drink
An ear infection is how I'll blame
The alcohol running through my veins
It's kinda weird when the room is spinning don't you think?

I never thought that this could happen to me
I never thought this night would come
But for one night only I've got my mission
To get initiated to the the drunkest boys club

We get the message
One more round
First one of us taps out as he hits the ground
We catch our breathe as the band takes the stage
We're getting old but we don't show our age
Walk through the crowd
The band is done
One more shot then we're on the run
We wanna see where tonight will take us

In our drunken stupor we stumble Whyte
Guy walks up to us asks for a light
Hands us a flier says this party's a must
We follow direction leave the city in our dust

We stare at the walls then back to our brothers
We're not here for ourselves we're here for each other
It's a depressing look at a group of men
Who might never be sane again
Track Name: Finally Okay
It's not my idea of a good time anymore
You say we should leave so I follow you out the door
I can see the glare in the back of your eyes
And I think to myself 'how time flies by?'

You gotta roll with the punches
People change and the fade away
Only see you in the spaces
We get lost in the in between
Can you even recognize my face
Can you even recognize my voice

When we come around things have changed
But the more they change the more they stay the same
It's really hard to find someone to blame
It's not our faults we're riding different waves

So we pack our bags and leave
Before we both drift away
We'll take a moment of silence
Then laugh at what we used to say
We're not growing old
We've grown up in different ways
It hasn't always been the case
But it's finally okay
Track Name: Shipwrecked
The grains of sand
Buried deep beneath my skin
The anchor's been torn off
But not from my Soul
You always seem to think
It's never about you
but now I'm shipwrecked
And I'm a lost fool without a clue

Gave her a name!
She was the 'Mary Queen of Amersterdam'
She's insane
She'd been battered, bruised, she'd been kicked around
But today
It's not my fault I didn't see the wave
It's okay
I'd rather be alone than brave

Why don't you tell me about the weather
Or whether you've got cold feet
Feels like I'm stuck here forever
Sun's beating down and I feel the heat

It's not what I wanted to say
It's that I wanted to do okay
It's not like I woke up today
and said 'let's get lost along the way'

Built a fire and called for help
No one came
Two ships passed by
Or was it a dream?
You could always make me see things
In my dreams I could make you happy

Am I drowning?